Cheryl Bartlett

Cheryl Bartlett, RN  is the Chief Executive Officer of Alosa Health. She is responsible to the Board of Directors and other stakeholders for providing leadership and oversight of the foundation’s activities and initiatives.




Janice Murphy, JD  is the Senior Director of Strategic Alliances and Program Development at Alosa Health, responsible for all strategy and program development activities to promote and export unbiased, clinical content and training to primary care providers and prescribers.




Ellen Dancel

Ellen  Dancel, PharmD, MPH  is the Director of Clinical Materials Development at Alosa Health. In partnership with clinical experts, she leads the development of evidence-based, academic materials, and oversees the production of clinical content from concept to completion.




Eimir Hurley

Eimir Hurley, BSc(Pharm) MBiostat  is the Program Director at Alosa Health. She coordinates and delivers training programs and designs and implements multi-staged program evaluations.




Rebecca Edelberg

Rebecca Edelberg, MPH  is the Program Coordinator at Alosa Health. She oversees field and program logistics while assisting with the management of field staff.




Irina Matei

Irina Matei is the Finance Coordinator at Alosa Health. She handles accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities for the organization, as well as financial reporting and reconciliation.




Irina Matei

Corinna Parisi is the Office Administrator at Alosa Health. She handles HR processes, IT needs, assists with financial procedures and manages other daily office procedures.