What is academic detailing?

Simulated Detail

Academic detailing is service-oriented outreach education for health care professionals. It leverages the communication approach of pharmaceutical industry detailers, combined with the evidence-based, non-commercial aims of academic groups, research and development centers. The term “academic detailing” reflects this hybrid concept.

The Alosa Health model uses specially trained clinical educators who meet one-on-one with physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants (at their practice locations), to discuss the most recent clinical data on a particular primary care topic. This approach provides an effective and convenient way for providers to stay up-to-date on the latest clinical research findings, with the ultimate goal of improving prescribing decisions and patient care.

With increased national focus on the cost and quality of health care, academic detailing presents an alternative method of meeting the information needs of health care professionals. Our quality-driven endeavor helps prescribers make appropriate clinical decisions based on the best available safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness data. Because aggressive marketing of high-priced drugs increasingly strains public and private health care budgets, academic detailing has the potential to help control costs while improving patient care and health outcomes, thus aligning the interests of physicians, payers, and patients. When academic detailing programs reduce incorrect or over-prescribing even slightly, they can help to cover their own costs, making this approach increasingly appealing to health programs.