Training on academic detailing


Alosa Health provides a comprehensive multi-day training on academic detailing, customized to the specific needs of clients, funders, and partners. Our programs are based on a thorough knowledge of, and significant experience in developing, delivering and managing the day-to-day functions of an academic detailing program. Trainees are instructed in the concepts of social marketing, problematic prescribing, and evidence-based medicine. Participants learn strategies to best deliver clear, unambiguous, and actionable education to promote behavior change. Alosa’s systematic approach to training clinical educators incorporates didactic learning, group exercises, practice details with experienced physicians, and case studies to best prepare trainees to assist physicians in making optimal prescribing decisions.

Alosa is uniquely prepared to train participants in the principles and delivery of academic detailing. Starting in 2005, the Alosa Health has successfully implemented a variety of new programs in several sectors, as well as consulted with and trained other organizations looking to establish their own academic detailing programs. Additionally, Alosa has published a significant number of papers on the role of academic detailing training in improving health care delivery. Currently, Alosa-trained detailers have conducted almost 20,000 educational outreach visits with over 5,000 prescribers, covering 23 different clinical modules.